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Means to an End: Gun Death by Suicide

From the BBC web site: It’s a little known fact that in the United States more gun deaths are due to suicide than homicide. Radio producers Kelly Hardcastle Jones and Lu Olkowski explore the legacy of one such suicide – a man called Ian Andersen.

Ian’s friends and family didn’t realise the depth of his depression and the extent of his addiction to drugs.

What happened to Monica de Aguiar, the fiancée that Ian left behind – and to his friends Carl and Kenny? The story occurs in Rhode Island – the smallest state in the United States, and a place where the suicide rate runs below the national average.

The Train Bridge — Pioneer Radio

Image via Atlas Obscura

Back before my buddy Chris Ryan was in the band Deer Tick, we were college kids together. We didn’t have any money, but we had 13 supportive, crazy, devil-may-care friends. This is a story about our youthful hijinx and just one of the ways we abused the public property of the State of Rhode Island.